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A weekend in Southern Oregon


We were able to visit our families in Southern Oregon over the weekend!! Even though it’s only 4.5 hours away, it’s been hard with our school/work schedules to make it down more than a couple times a year. Every trip goes by way too fast, but we always make memories. It is perfect that {most of} our family is in one place, but it makes for a busy couple days :))) On Sunday we started the morning at church, went to brunch and then headed off to the dinner excursion with Hellgate Jetboats.


hellgate jetboat
Hellgate Jetboat2

If you are from Southern Oregon, you’ve probably done the Hellgate Jetboats once.. or ten times. But it is always beautiful and always fun.


Ayden being his charismatic, happy self. Excited for the fast boat!


Drinking lemonade the fancy way makes it taste better ;)))


I am so grateful that not only do I get my husband, but I get his family too. They are all about making memories and getting to experience life together as a family. It is extra fun having nieces and nephews involved (my side, and his side). They make life that much more exciting. And until we have our own, they hold us over <3

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    Vicky Nuss
    August 11, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    Loved your visit….loved your blog!
    I treasure the memories we get to make with you and Jameson!
    Looking forward to our next adventure!! Love you Britt <3

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