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Beach day at Cape Kiwanda

Chasing Sun

The Neighbourhood, coffee and sunshine encouraged a beach trip. Cannon Beach is usually our go-to just because it’s closest and is a cute little town with lots of shops, but when all you want is to lay a blanket down and enjoy the sunshine- Pacific City is perfection. It can’t be coincidence that the few times we have been there the weather has been exceptional. Cape Kiwanda is probably the most instagrammed place on the Oregon Coast, but it is worthy.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Jameson and I have one day off together each week to make the most of. Last Sunday we seriously hung out in bed all day. Ate in bed, watched movies, and napped. I think we finally showered around three. It was the best. This Sunday we were more adventurous and well rested, looking forward to a filled day. It was also the best. Thank you for being the person I can do absolutely nothing with, and everything with.

On a side note, is there anyone who still scrapbooks? It seems like such an old school way of keeping/sharing memories but anything hand-held is always meaningful. I want to buy tacky seashell stickers and blue glitter. And have a book handcrafted with memories sitting on my end table. This is my goal.

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