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Fruit Loop in Hood River

Isn’t the name just adorable?!

Mom flew in on Saturday for the three day weekend and I had a fun little day planned for us. No specifics, but knew we would be headed out to Hood River. The drive is about an hour from Portland, and I’ll take any excuse to drive by the Columbia River Gorge. When family is visiting, my first instinct is wanting to show them all the places I know and love. However, I love checking out new (to me) places and sharing the first-time experience together. 

The Fruit Loop is 35 miles of scenic road with over 30 different stops including farm stands, u-pick fruit/flowers, wineries, lavender farms, a cider house and even an alpaca farm!


Most of our take home goods came from our first stop: Apple Valley Country Store. They have samples all throughout the store and you end up wanting them all. We went home with some jams, syrup, and a steak sauce. I love buying local and let’s be honest, the flavors they come up with always taste awesome.. Like the peach habanero pepper jelly, yes!

Our next two stops were: Mt. Hood Lavender Farm and Packer Orchards. The lavender farm smelled like heaven. Here you can pick your own lavender bunch and whatever you can pack into a zip tie is $5!  The property was beautiful and we took our time walking around the gardens. Packer Orchards and Bakery was another little gem with more jams and baked goods. We walked through the sunflowers and left with a marionberry cinnamon roll.

Onto our last…

The Gorge White House is DREAMY.

7 ciders on tap, a food truck, u-pick farm and a view of Mt. Hood.

I was swooning over this Garden Fresh Food Truck nestled in with the trees and picnic tables surrounding. The menu consists of sandwiches, burgers, flatbread, salad and sides. You can definitely tell they use fresh ingredients, it was so tasty! The guy even gave us a hard time when my mom and I said “no tomatoes”. Like mother, like daughter lol.

Inside their store across the way, they sell samples of their cider for $1 each. So, we tried all seven flavors they had. Every single one was good but we decided lemon pear and mixed berry were top choices.

The Fruit Loop was such a fun experience. You can choose to spend just a couple hours out there, or make it an all day thing. Every little place we stopped was unique to itself and had their own twist on things. The Gorge White House has a little bit of everything and I think is the perfect place to wrap up your day with some lunch and drinks.

If you’re in the Portland area, The Fruit Loop is a dreamy day trip with delicious souvenirs.

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