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8 Things to Do on Your Maui Vacation

#1. Old Lahaina Luau

Starting a Hawaiian vacation off with a luau is the perfect way to get in the spirit. This luau follows tradition closely on intimate, oceanfront grounds. In my opinion, this is the best luau. They care about every little detail of your experience. Upon arrival, there is a live ukulele performance and you are greeted with a fresh lei and a mai tai, then escorted to your seat. I couldn’t help but feel like I was a part of this secret dinner because it was so unreal. When I say everything was perfect, I’m not exaggerating. The whole night was a true experience. The property is stunning, the service was warm and welcoming, the buffet had so much variety all while sticking to traditional Hawaiian food, and the performance was incredible! It felt like a true story was being told, it was so beautiful and interactive.

Make sure to book reservations as soon as you know you’re visiting Maui because it’s the most popular Luau on the island.

#2. Nakalele Blowhole and Heart Rock

One of my favorite things to do on Maui is just driving around the island, everywhere you go is a sight to see. Highway 30 takes you out to Nakalele Blowhole and the Heart Rock, which you may have seen on Pinterest. There really isn’t a clear sign when you get here, but it is between mile marker 38 and 39. Once you pull off to the side, you will see the lava rock and the blowhole from a distance. It’s only a short hike down and so worth it, also you can’t see the heart rock unless you go down the trail and to the right. This blowhole is said to be one of the most impressive since it sits on the choppy northwest coast.

#3. Rent Stand-up Paddle Boards

SUP was a first time for me and to be honest, I thought trying it out in the ocean would be way too difficult and impossible to do since I’ve heard it takes a lot of practice. I was wrong. It was the highlight of the trip because living in Oregon, you just don’t get in the ocean. I loved taking advantage of the warm water and being out on it for hours. It was thrilling and therapeutic at the same time. There are plenty of rental places in Maui that can meet you at your location for drop off and pick up.

#4. Road to Hana

There is a fair amount of people that discourage driving the road to Hana because of the windy, one lane roads. If you don’t get car sick easily, I say do it! As long as you’re driving slow it will be just fine, and you don’t even have to do the whole thing. We went as far as mile marker 11 and we were able to hike, see waterfalls, stop at fruit stands, and find lunch. The road to Hana can be whatever you want it to be! You can take the whole day and stop as much as you want, or if you just want to set aside a half day like we did, there is plenty to see and do. The Garden of Eden was my favorite stop at mile marker 11. Its a beautiful botanical garden with amazing views. We spent an hour just walking around and also grabbing lunch at the food truck here. We had a fresh pineapple smoothie and pork tacos while being stalked by peacocks. I wasn’t mad about it.

#5. Check Out the Local Coffee Shops

A small hobby of mine is checking out the local coffee shops wherever I am. It’s always a fun way to start the day and try out new coffee! Belle Surf Cafe was one of my favorite beachy shops.

#6. Have a Piece of Jewelry Made

My idea of a souvenir is something that is meaningful and doesn’t have to say “Maui” on it, just to remember where it’s from. I had found out about Lisa who owns Seashore Couture, and looked into the beautiful jewelry she was making. I made an appointment with her a week in advance and within the hour of arriving at her studio, I had picked out my metal and pearl and had the privilege of watching her make my new ring! She leaves a mark on your heart just after the first time meeting her and it made my jewelry that much more special.

#7. Take the Ferry to Lanai

Click the link below for the ultimate beach day in Lanai

#8. Plan a Date to The Mill House

Oceanfront views are great, but having a view of the mountains in Maui also makes for a pretty amazing backdrop. This dining experience is farm to table keeping it fresh and locally sourced. It was hands down one of the best meals we’ve ever had, the food was insane! Save this for a special night out and treat yo self.

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