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Fruit Loop in Hood River

Isn’t the name just adorable?! Mom flew in on Saturday for the three day weekend and I had a fun little day planned for us. No specifics, but knew we would be headed out to Hood River. The drive is about an hour from Portland, and I’ll take any excuse to drive by the Columbia River Gorge. When family is visiting, my first instinct is wanting to show them all the places I know and love. However, I love checking out new…

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A weekend in Southern Oregon


We were able to visit our families in Southern Oregon over the weekend!! Even though it’s only 4.5 hours away, it’s been hard with our school/work schedules to make it down more than a couple times a year. Every trip goes by way too fast, but we always make memories. It is perfect that {most of} our family is in one place, but it makes for a busy couple days :))) On Sunday we started the morning at church, went…

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